Workers Compensation Insurance in West Virginia

If you own a business in West Virginia, you’ll most likely need workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance protects your business in the event an employee is injured on the job. The employee will be able to receive compensation while they’re recovering at home. With insurance, your company will not have to pay these costs out of pocket. 

United Security Agency helps West Virginia business owners navigate the complicated details of workers comp. Not only can we help you find the right coverage for your unique situation, but we can also keep you up to date on changes to state and local regulations.

With United Security Agency, you get peace of mind knowing your business is financially protected, your employees are taken care of, and your current coverage offerings meet state requirements.

Construction worker in West Virginia needs workers compensation

Why Do Businesses Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation is mandated by law. The law serves to protect employees who are injured on the job by preventing financial ruin associated with medical bills and day-to-day expenses during recovery. So, barring a few exceptions, your business is required to offer workers compensation. 

Let’s look at a few examples of businesses in West Virginia that would benefit from workers compensation insurance.

1. Manufacturing

Businesses in the manufacturing industry expose workers to a number of potential risks. For example, a worker might get their finger caught in an active machine. This injury could prevent them from working for a number of weeks, and therefore, the worker would require compensation for that time off. 

2. Construction

Like manufacturing, construction is an industry full of hazards. Machinery, heavy lifting, and chemical exposure can lead to serious health issues. A fall from a ladder could be grounds to receive workers comp. Complications from asbestos exposure are also grounds for receiving payment for potential complications.

3. Restaurants 

West Virginia restaurant owners need to have workers compensation insurance since kitchens and dining areas present serious risk of injury. A cook may come into contact with a hot pan. A waiter may slip and fall on a wet area of floor. In these situations, the business would need to provide workers compensation.

Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance for Businesses

Businesses should not try to skirt around workers compensation requirements. Workers compensation is meant to provide security for all parties involved, and failing to provide adequate workers compensation can lead to long-term business losses.

When you purchase a workers compensation insurance policy, you’re protecting your business from financial peril. There have been cases where a majority of a business’s employees have been hurt in a serious accident. If this were to occur to you without workers compensation insurance, then your business might have to declare bankruptcy.

1. Care for Employees

Workers compensation is part of any respectable business’s benefits plan. Talented employees will pay attention to their benefits package and may decide to work elsewhere if they notice you have a bad reputation when it comes to workers compensation. Having insurance means you won’t have to pinch pennies if an employee files a claim.

2. Protect from Lawsuits

Workers compensation protects businesses from lawsuits. An employee injured on the job simply files a compensation claim instead of filing a lawsuit, which would be the case if current protections weren’t in place.

3. Abide by Local Laws

Offering workers compensation keeps businesses in compliance with local laws. Failing to participate in the program can lead to serious legal consequences.

An Overview of Workers Compensation in West Virginia

Each state has its own laws surrounding workers compensation. USA works primarily with West Virginia businesses, but we also can provide workers compensation insurance for businesses in other states. Our team is happy to look into regulations in your specific area.

West Virginia Wage Compensation

  • Employees are entitled to receive weekly benefits of 66.67 percent of the average weekly wage prior to the injury.
  • Compensation is limited to 104 weeks’ worth of wages.
  • Even if an employee only loses some income, the employer will cover the difference between your pre- and post- injury or illness wages.

Injuries and Illnesses Covered

Workers compensation covers a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses. Employees can expect to receive compensation for loss of use of a body part or any other impairment that reduces potential earning capacity. Occupational illnesses like Pneumoconiosis, Black lung disease, and Asbestosis are also covered.

Businesses Required to Offer Workers Compensation

All businesses are required to offer workers compensation except for:

  • An employer of fewer than 5 or fewer full-time employees in agricultural services
  • An employer who is a church
  • An employer who is engaged in organized professional sports including jockeys and trainers engaged in thoroughbred horse racing
  • An employer of domestic services

Please speak to one of our team members if you have questions about compensation exemptions.

Out of State Workers Compensation Insurance Policies

If you have employees that travel out of state for work, or they work in multiple states throughout the year, you may need to buy a policy for each of the states where your employees are located and working. In most cases, you can cover multiple states on one policy.

Purchase Workers Compensation Insurance from United Security Agency

United Security Agency offers a wide variety of insurance options for businesses of all sizes and industries. From group health insurance to cybersecurity insurance, we keep your venture protected. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs.

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